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About Somerset Interactive

We’re a creative agency dedicated to supporting sustained growth for your business. We create effective marketing and touchpoints to help achieve core business objectives no matter the sector you’re in.

By providing cohesive digital strategies and marketing partnerships, web design and branding, we can ensure your end goals are met to the highest standards.

For your nonprofit or cause-based organization we can create the tools to increase not only donor giving and retention, but increased focus on programs and streamlined fundraising solutions.

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We focus on the core elements of your business and believe in a linear model of creating. Whether a new website, a marketing plan, or a combination of services; we provide a strategy to fit the scope and speed of roll-out necessary to full your goals.

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We can provide the digital strategy for your business to create sustained growth, build core infrastructure and online presence, and integrated productivity tools that are available to all your employees, anywhere.

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In addition to our extensive work in the business sector, we have over three decades of combined experience working with and within the nonprofit community. We can help nonprofits attract more support, gain visibility, and build a more responsive donor base. The web is a powerful too for nonprofits to realize and fulfill their core mission and communicate their cause with greater impact.

Our team is equipped to provide you with a number of solutions to not only build a digital strategy for your organization, but to integrate it with your day-to-day matters. We are well versed in both the programmatic and fundraising side of nonprofits, with experience in: data-driven fundraising models, analysis and evaluation to go along with our innovative websites and marketing.

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